email-archiving-300x225Does your company have a database?
Have your customers given you permission to e-mail  and communmicate with them?
What are you doing with it?
How many times should I e-mail them?
What should I put in the e-mail?
When do I send it?
Did it work?
How much does it cost?
I don't have time to do this....

These are some of the questions and concerns that small business owners have when dealing with the e-mail question.

Social Magnet Marketing can help answer these questions and engage your database. With your e-mail marketing, we help you develop a goal, design the campaign, build the message, send it out and then evaluate the results.

Don't allow one of your most valuable resources not to work for you. Develop a relationship with your customers and nurture that relationship with relevant messages to their inbox.

We use the most rigid industry standards to ensure that our e-mail standards adhere to local, state and federal laws. We only work with clients who use a consent based policy when acquiring e-mail addresses.