Outdoor advertising is a terrific advertising and marketing medium for business owners are trying to reach potential customers who are in their car. Outdoor advertising has traditionally been used as a branding tool, but with the somewhat recent addition of digital billboards, outdoor advertisers are using the power of the medium to create more timely messaging. When using digital, the customer also has the ability to target their message to different parts of the city depending where their locations are.

Another benefit of the digital sigange is the the production cost is eliminated. The creative process can be done by Social Magnet Marketing with desktop software and put into the roation almost immediately. The cost of digital also can be cheaper since you are generally sharing the advertising space with other advertisers.

One of the downsides of digital is that you share the location with other advertisers and you will miss potential customers when your message is not on the billboard.

Below are some examples of outdoor advertising that has been created by Social Magnet's Fred Pandrok.