Opportunity versus Problem

What is the definition for opportunity?
The dictionary definition is an appropriate time or favorable occasion.

What is the a definition for problem?
Like most words, both “problem” and “opportunity” can mean different things to different people. Many people see all sorts of situations as problems. Others see the same situations as opportunities. It all depends on your perspective.

BNI provides business people with many opportunities. Some people see them that way. They see the opportunity to do some word-of-mouth marketing that involves that four letter work – WORK.

The same people also see the benefit that can result from such an approach.

Other people see the problem in that they have to do something called WORK.

Who is it that benefits from the situation? Those who see the problem or those who see the opportunity?

There are some people in our chapter that see the problems and not the opportunities. Help them by taking the time to show them the opportunity our chapter is giving them.

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