The Art of  the  Conversation

In BNI we believe networking is the key to growing our businesses and networking means we must develop meaningful relationships. Relationships are built on communication so we must become experts at conversation.

Here are five areas we can grow in:

1.    BE more social

  • Arrive 15 - 30mn early each week to our BNI meetings and engage in conversation
  • Stay a few minutes late each week and converse with people

2.    BE a better listener

  • Give people our sincere attention
  • Resist the temptation to 'rubber neck' as people we know enter the room and distract us
  • Display attention with head nods, un-crossed arms, facing them, vocal cues like 'yes', etc.

Ask open ended questions that start with 'why, what, and how' and avoid questions that can be answered with a simple 'yes' or 'no'

3.    BE balanced

  • Meaningful conversations are a give and take
  • Don't be an interrogator and ask all the questions
  • Don't do all the talking

4.    BE prepared

  • Don't show up to BNI with a blank slate in your mind
  • Read interesting articles and books
  • Watch interesting videos, movies, tv (is that possible?)

5.    Be influenced

  • Know a great conversationalist? Hang out with them and learn.

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