bni meetingYour BNI membership paid for 52 weeks of commercials and marketing time. One day you may not be able to make it to a meeting. Have you developed your personal substitute list? People you want to promote your business if you were not able to attend a BNI meeting? The time to think about this question is before you need a sub. What is the benefit of having a substitute?
First, clients, partners, and business associates make great substitutes because they can say great things about you and it’s not bragging. They lend credibility to what you have been telling the group. Additionally, your substitute may benefit by meeting members of the chapter that they may do business with in the future. Your sub will also pass along important chapter information and referrals you receive.   If you are not at the meeting your referrals may not get to you at all or it may be too late by the time you receive them.
Additionally, having a substitute shows your commitment to the group. Your group gets the message that you value your membership and the members of your group. Additionally, if you have a substitute it is not counted as an absence and you can save those for those rare emergencies when you don’t have the time to find a sub.
Beyond your personal list of clients and friends, you can also utilize the BNI substitute list. These are members of other chapters who are willing to substitute with appropriate notice. Make sure your name gets on the list so you can practice the Givers Gain philosophy of BNI.
Last but not least make sure your sub is prepared. Give them a script or have them prepare a testimonial for your 60-second presentation. Have them bring your referrals for the week. Offer to pay for their meal and/or the 50-50 drawing. Finally be sure and send them a thank-you note and offer to return the favor in the future.
Remember if your not there we don’t know if you care, send a sub to show us your love .

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