Your sixty second BNI sales moment is your opportunity to share something very specific about you or your company.

Your sales moment should address specific solutions that can solve a problem that members of your chapter, their customers, vendors, employees, family members or contacts may have.

Use an example of a previous customer of yours where you solved that specific problem.

Use real life situations that other chapter members may face.

A technique you may find helpful is using a five-bullet point plan.

  • Identify the problem.
  • Identify how you or your company provides a solution.
  • Identify the prospects you are looking for.
  • Indentify an example of who you solved the problem for.
  • Indentify how people can connect with you to learn more.

But here’s the catch, you need to do it in sixty seconds. Sixty seconds is about one hundred fifty clearly spoken concise words.

By the way….that was sixty seconds and 150 words.

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